Bella Younger is a comedian who has had a seemingly stratospheric rise.

She only debuted her first show at Edinburgh last year and she’s already been named as one of Glamour magazine’s top 8 female comedians and as one of the Evening Standard’s most influential Londoners.

You’re most likely to recognise her from her Instagram account ‘Deliciously Stella’ which currently boasts 140,000 followers, has spawned a book and a podcast and now a brand new live show which will be debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Just don’t ask her if she ‘eats clean.’


Deliciously Stella


"It's finally here! My delicious recipe for avocado and poached eggs on toast. I know lots of you find it hard to make the perfect egg but my secret is to use these amazing ready made ones. Thanks @haribo!"


"Hungover or sick? What you need is hydration, and nothing does it better than coconut water. A swig of this in the morning sorts out my electrolyte levels and gets me pumped for a day of beach yoga"


"Amazing workout today with the inspirational @faydec ❤️ check out my Fab Abs"

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"Let's go bananas for my brand new banana smoothie recipe! These delicious bananas are full of healthy potassium for a wellness kick. Just pop them in the nutribullet and whizz!" 


"Beach yoga! I've been practicing my inversions all day and I think I've finally nailed my handstand"


"My lifestyle isn't for everyone and #eatingclean all the time can be hard to sustain. Especially when you're hungover from Halloween. That's why after big weekends I like to eat delicious pizza in the bath. This way I can carb load AND wash the shame away. have a bubbly day everyone!"

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- Jamie Oliver



- Davina McCall


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The Deliciously Stella Podcast

by Bella Younger

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