Hello readers,

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been busy establishing myself as a stand up comedian and running a little something called ‘Deliciously Stella.’ To get my return to blogging off to a super pretentious start I have written a poem about burning the old candle at both ends. Happy Monday! 

London has a shared pet dog, and his name is shame 

You’ve probably all met him, though you might not know his name

Shame knows what you did last night, he knows what you were wearing

Shame walked you home in broad daylight, when you were tired of caring 

He waits for you on street corners after big weekends, 

He yaps at your heels on Fridays after drinks that didn’t end

You tell him, I’m an adult now, I have to go to work

Life’s too short for shame you say. And then you hear a bark.