And then we chundered everywaaaaaah

After the horror of the train we arrived in Hoi An, our favourite place in Vietnam. In a twist of fate, Liv and I managed to make a friend, and much to our surprise she thought it was funny that I had dressed up as an ageing peadophile. Miraculously, she agreed to accompany us and we headed out for a night on the tiles.

The scene of the crime was a quaint family beach party. We had pre warned Sheridan that as hardened drinkers she wouldn’t need to keep up and it would be in her best interest not to try. Two hours and 5 bottles of lethal punch later, Sheridan carried us to a taxi…memories of this are hazy.

Thankfully Liv had the foresight to have her phone at the ready to document what can only be described as a vomathon. Alternating between the sink, the bath and the loo, we managed to successfully recreate scenes from ‘The Excorcist.