So I decided an impromptu trip to the Isle of Wight was in order this weekend. Admittedly today compared to the monday after Standon calling has felt like the return from a spa trip, but it was not without incident.

Having managed to keep my face out of my boots for a few hours the inevitable began to unfurl. I overcooked the goose and flashed the entire crowd, simultaneously letting all of my money drop onto the floor of a tent. 

I then spent the most uncomfortable night of my life, sandwiched in with three other people in a two man tent. Said tent subsequently leaked and I awoke to find that the entirety of my wardrobe had been used as a dam.

To make matters worse, I woke up with a mullet and have now looked like Myra Hindley for two solid days. You know its bad when strangers start offering you mirrors.

All in all a good weekend was had, I just cant say I’m looking forward to the development of the disposable camera. If anyone saw me on saturday night…It’s OK, I’ve not had a stroke I just don’t know when to say no.