Buses and Bullfrogs

This was our first experience of a Cambodian local bus.

Once we were seated, the first thing that we noticed was that the man sitting next to us was the smelliest man in the whole world, he was also sat next to a man who resembled a giant bullfrog.

1 hour into the 7 hour journey the air conditioning failed, turning our bus into a giant greenhouse. Smelly man decided to take off his t shirt to better acquaint us with the smell of his armpits. Luckily we had a pit stop where we could finally breathe. No doubt as a direct result of this decison,  just as we were about to depart the bullfrog decided that he was going to be sick. Rather than run outside to relieve himself, he decided to lean over the seat behind him and vomit all over the floor.

At this point I started to cry. This was only 3 hours in. The next 4 hours were spent trying not breathe through our noses whilst blocking our ears from the sound of the smelly man belching and grunting… the bullfrog had actually turned green.

The driver also had horn tourettes so sleeping was impossible. Never worse.