East is East

In a bid to distance myself from my sloaney roots and to shake off the eponymous title of ‘sad blonde raver’ I have decided to move to East London. My friends and I reasoned that living in the East would legitimate us as 'edgy’ and finally grant us some of the cool factor that we have been craving.

As I write I am pondering which new regional accent to adopt and last week I bought a fedora. The only way is East, and if you’re going to do it you’ve got to do it properly. In preparation for my move I decided that Brick lane was where I would spend my birthday, and that I would entertain myself browsing through the plethora of vintage shops.

The real shame, was that I hate vintage shopping. It took but one hour to convince myself that my addiction to buying vintage off ebay was not that unhealthy after all and that I was in fact just subconsciously protecting my sinuses and lungs from the afflictions imposed by a face full of mothballs.

To top it off, the umbrella term, 'vintage’ appears to have expanded a great deal. I was under the impression that people shopped for vintage clothing so that they could stand out, so they wouldnt look like they had rolled around in topshop and came out in whatever was stuck to them (thats you x factor’s belle amie), not so that they could buy a worn out FCUK t shirt from the 90s and a tasseled halter neck from tammy.

I returned after my long day, smelling of must and swearing never to go vintage again, however, this sentiment was short lived. A new kind of vintage shopping has arrived and it involves neither mothballs nor a repetitive strain injury induced by scrabbling through rails and rails of tat. Vintage shopping has now become an event.

They had a whole festival for it at Goodwood this year, and now the vintage event has become the new girls night or should i say day out. I myself will be heading to Putney on the 27th of November to sample the delights on show at L and F London’s first sale.

The founders have searched far and wide, gathering an eclectic collection, sure to satisfy the tastes of all vintage lovers, searching for vintage finds from every decade. There are sure to be no kangol caps on sale as these girls have really done their research. There wont be anyone getting 'vintage elbow’ from trawling through seas of spice girl paraphernalia and crushed velvet from MK one.

You’ll find hand picked items from parisian flea markets and well hidden charity shops and there wont be a mothball in sight. To top it off, you will be able to sample foody treats from Georgia Doherty to keep your energy levels up as you shop. The vintage experience just got a whole lot more glamorous…and you dont even have to drag yourselves from the confines of the west to find it…
Maybe the only way isn’t East after all…