I've gone and written a TV show - and I need your help.

Hello all who are kind enough to continue reading my blog. I have exciting news. I have written a pilot for a comedy-drama and some production companies quite like it. Huzza!

My only problem is that I do not have an agent, a necessity for negotiating development deals and to prevent me from signing my life/house/dog away because I do not understand paperwork.

I’ve been a busy bee and have cobbled together a treatment which I have slightly clumsily displayed as a website.


What I really need now is for people to start looking at it so that the important people take notice.

I’m creating a facebook page, on which I will share plot developments, character details and snippets of the developing script. All in exchange for page likes and twitter followers of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

So if you’re reading, please mention this to talent agents, people who know talent agents and people who are related to talent agents.

Why not mention it to someone who works at a production company while you’re at it? I certainly don’t need all my eggs in one BBC basket.

Any leads will be massively appreciated. If this ever actually gets made, the most helpful person will win a walk on role. How’s that for incentive?

So if you’ve ever wanted all of these stories brought to life on screen follow me on twitter at @22andontheshelf  or like this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tottyisasitcom