Pillars of the Earth

Pillars of the Earth

Watching an entire series in one go is usually an activity reserved for the hungover or the unemployed. I am pleased to say that I was neither one when I embarked on my ‘Pillars of the Earth’ marathon.

I was completely unsure what to expect from the title when I settled down on a welcome Friday night in. I decided to ease myself in gently and test the waters by watching the first couple of episodes with a friend who said that she had heard it was good and wouldn’t mind watching something while she did some work.

Six hours later, we were officially hooked. Work was out the window, sleep was a distant dream. As each disk came to an end, one of us would silently slink up to the television and change over the disk, not wanting to admit that at two in the morning, this really was quite a late one for a cosy night in.

Would the cathedral ever be finished? Will Jack and Aliena ever end up happily ever after? What really is wrong with that woman’s face? As the story developed we found that we could not rest until we knew the outcome.

Pillars of the Earth contains the perfect combination to make a great, British mini-series. A corrupted church, a fight for the crown and a love story, tying the tale together to ensure that this series is gripping from start to finish. Were it any less captivating it might prove difficult to keep track of the huge story line but each character is so well developed and convincing you always know who you’re rooting for.

The casting director struck gold, with standout performances from Sarah Parish and Ian McShane as two of the most convincing villains ever transferred to the screen. 

 A combination of love, lust and witchcraft ensures that there is never a dull moment and its worth watching just to see Eddie Redmayne naked.

Get someone you love the box set this christmas…go on.