Priscilla Queen of the Desert

After a weekend where I disgraced myself by achieving such great annihilation that I ran into a glass door I decided it was time to lay off the sauce and get ready for some r+r. As it was my birthday on wednesday (that’s right, I’m now 23 and on the shelf) a friend offered to take me to the theatre on monday as a wholesome activity.
Prisicilla Queen of the Desert has been hailed as the best feel good show since Mamma Mia and I agree, I did leave feeling good and less like a philistine than usual, having experienced something somewhat cultural. I admit I was intially lured into going because Alf from Home and Away was giving a stellar performance as a mechanic, but the other cast members did not disappoint.
The entire show hurtled along like Shirley Bassey on acid. A trio of women with huge voices signalled the start of the show as they descended from the rafters and we were introduced to the resident drag queens at Sydney club ‘les girls.’ The song choices ranged from classic cabaret to (a lot of) Kylie but the costumes were the true stars of the show. The Oscar winning costume designers from the film were on hand and they ranged from enormous drag clowns to sports themed jelly fish.
The story line was a bit far fetched…homosexual drag queen embarks on mission to meet long lost wife and son?!? With no explanation as to why they got married in the first place and no further explanation as to why they consummated said marriage one is left with images of visa applications and turkey basters.
The story line however is not what held the show together. Some cracking casting (primarily of Alf who looked pretty sexy in both a boiler suit and dressed as a kangaroo at the end) and great song choices made it a pretty great night out and bought me some time to heal the egg which was protruding from the middle of my forehead…I will not be posting a photo of it.