The Bags Of Bangkok

Relieved to be in Bangkok and feeling ‘wicked the walrus’ we embarked on a night on the infamous koh san road. 25 pina coladas later we couldn’t stand and made a usual return to our hotel by 10pm.

The next day we emerged like hobgoblins from our cave, put on some sunglasses and decide to hit the shopping malls. Disaster swiftly struck. We took our lead from Gordon Gekko and decided that Greed was good, or perhaps in Liv and I’s case, inevitable.

Leaving, exhausted and laden with goods we realised that we had bought 10 handbags and had neglected to consider the issue of excess luggage. A quick trip to DHL, under the impression that shipping was a walk in the park ended in tragedy, when we were told that it would cost over £100 to send our swag home.

Top tip: Wait until the end of the holiday to buy 10 handbags as wheeling a suitcase across a beach as well as carrying a backpack is akin to walking on hot coals (probably).