This is not Zac Efron...

Weird?!?! Could it be true that Zac Efron and Jared Leto are long lost brothers…not likely, considering that Jared was brought up on a hippy commune and Zac as we all know is Disney’s greatest triumph. Perhaps Jared and Cameron Diaz had a love child when they were together?… And maybe one day Zac Efron will start fronting a rock band and sporting a succession of bad hairstyles.
It would appear that we can only dream. Efron’s latest attempt at being a ‘serious actor,’ The death and life of Charlie st Cloud is about as cutting edge as the notebook…also the bird in it is a bit ruff which seems pointless considering Efron is clearly only there as eye candy.
Is her ruffness there to add credibility to the film because Zac cant?